Beach Holidays Tour to India

India is a haven if one is looking for a beach destination for holidays. The choice is unending with beaches providing the most tempting combination of sun, sand, sea and surf that is too hard to resist for any beach lover and water sport adventurer. The most prominent choices of beach holidaying in India include the beautiful shores of Goa, Kovalam, Mumbai and Mahabalipuram. Prominent and famous from the newer beaches include Gokarna.

The tropical sun bathed beaches of India are a perfect destination if you want a tan. But that is not all; there are plenty of recreational and entertainment options to choose from apart form bathing in the sun for the tourists.

Kovalam is an internationally renowned beach with three adjacent crescent beaches. It has been a favorite haunt of tourists, especially Europeans, since the 1930s.A massive rocky promontory on the beach has created a beautiful bay of calm waters ideal for sea bathing. The leisure options at this beach are plenty and diverse-sunbathing, swimming, herbal body toning massages, special cultural programs, Catamaran cruising etc. The tropical sun acts so fast that one can see the faint blush of coppery tan on the skin in a matter of minutes. Life on the beach begins late in the day and carries on well into the night.

The beach complex includes a string of budget cottages, Ayurvedic health resorts, convention facilities, shopping zones, swimming pools, Yoga and Ayurvedic massage centers etc. Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, is just 16 km away from Kovalam and getting there is no hassle. But if you are on holiday it is better to stay in Kovalam and visit the city.

The state of Goa in India, was a Portuguese colony until 1962, and is famous for its Indo-Portuguese culture and architecture. Goa's beaches reflect its colourful mosaic of history.
The combination of the "sosegãdo" or laid back lifestyle, bracing weather and Goa's carnival-like nightlife has been known to lure many into a psychedelic trance.
As you vacation in Goa and feel the soft sand beneath your feet, you'll find that there is no place like a warm, inviting beach in Goa to make you feel at peace with the universe.
Since we usually stay at my parents' flat at Monte-de-Guirim, near Mapusa, the only time we check into a hotel or resort is when we don't have our own transport and want to spend more time at the beach. The transport in Goa being what it is, its always better to have your own car or bike.
I love to spend my Goa holiday gorging on the local crab, king prawns and typical Goan delicacies like chicken rechãdo and xãcuti. I also make it a point to visit my aunt's house in Mapusa, where she always has a delicious plate of fresh oyster deep fried in rava ready for me.
The local brews, like cashew and coconut "feni," with their strong aroma, are definitely not for the faint of heart (or stomach). If you visit in the right season, you can sample the local "Urak," a lighter and sweeter-smelling distillate of feni.

Gokarna is a village in the Uttara Kannada district of the Karnataka state, India. It is a Hindu pilgrimage centre as well as a tourist Karnataka, India, showing its distinctive shape.
Gokarna is also famous for its beautiful beaches and landscapes. The four beaches in Gokarna are the Gokarna beach, Kudle, Om, Half moon and Paradise (also known as Full moon). The Gokarna beach forms the coast of the town while the other four beaches lies towards the south of Gokarna. Kudle and Om are around 6 km from Gokarna destination in India. Gokarna is a beach town with tourists enjoying the sun, the surf and the sea gulls. The drive up the winding path that leads to Gokarna is a scenic one, with the rocky mountains and Western Ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other. Panorama of Om Beach at Gokarna in the Uttara Kannada district of town along a muddy hill; they are accessible by rickshaw or foot. Half moon and Paradise are beyond Om beach and are accessible only by foot or boat. Om beach is named because it's shaped like the auspicious [Om] symbol. Om beach is the only naturally Om shaped beach. Two other beaches Paradise and Half Moon are smaller and remote beaches.

Only 58 km from Chennai, the coastal town of Mahabalipuram or Mammalapuram is a must-visit destination if you are in south India. Lying along the pretty Coromandel Coast, Mammalapuram is known primarily for its ancient rock-cut temples. The eight Rath Temples date back to the 8th century and have been carved out of monoliths. Each one is associated with one of the Pandava brothers, heroes of the epic Mahabharata. Close to these are the two-spired Shore Temple, the Krishna Mandapam- the world’s largest bas-relief with detailed carvings of gods, animals, insects, and birds- and eight rock-cut caves decorated with depictions of scenes from various legends. The temples are all very well; a good way to while away the time between hours when you’re sunbathing, swimming, or simply lolling on the beach. But what really matters to beach buffs is the sand and the sea, and both are good here. Spend your day lazing on the beach, or go for a leisurely swim, followed by a satisfying lunch of freshly caught fish- you can’t go far wrong here.

About 20 km north of Mammalapuram is the beach of Covelong, a fishing village which is not as touristy as Mammalapuram, but is great if you want to get away from the crowds. Covelong Beach is good, and there are facilities for water sports such as windsurfing.