Home Stays to India

Home stay in India could be as interesting as traveling to this incredible land! N.S. Tours & TravelsYour Online Travel Mentor" showcase some of the best and worth experiencing Heritage Home Stays in India.

The concept of home stay is considered to be the best alternative to hotel accommodation in the hospitality industry. Home stay helps you come across land, people, culture and cuisine of any place in its pristine elements unlike hotel accommodation. These Homes have their own history and stories to tell, run by the families who have inherited the culture and hospitality. India is a country that offers myraid opportunities to a traveller. To travel to India is to not only discover a unique country but also to discover oneself. India is a country that needs time to show its multifaceted qualities to a traveller. To travel to India is to let oneself into the arms of a country that is rich in culture. India is not a concrete jungle with fast track life; it carries a flavour one cannot understand in a ziffy. So come to India and breathe its essence and not pass through. Travel to India, stay awhile and take in the aroma of the soil. Staying in some five star hotels is not the answer to your travel to India. We suggest you either rent out a cottage or home-like accommodation or better still home stay with an Indian family. India is known for its hospitality and you will be surprised to see how much of India you will see if you home stay in India. This is our idea of budget travel in India. Our travel tip is to Home stay in India. The advantages of Home stay are many. You can actually feel and see the daily life in India. It is a very cheap holiday package that pays rich dividends. You may travel to India for just a week or two but you will carry back good memories for a lifetime. After your home stay travel to India you will make lifelong friends from a country that you love. Give a personal touch to your holiday in India. India is a picturesque land known for its beauty spread so lavishly. It is an open archive of ancient legacies that happily mingles with the modern. It is the land that has seen the rise and fall of many an ancient kingdoms and is a mature country that has a pace of its own We have put in some areas that we will cover. We will expand areas and tour spots as and when homestay providers ask for listings. Please keep a watchout for your favourite tourist areas.